{KA LA NEWS} Grad lives by a motto: Be the change you wish to see

By Mathew Ursua, Ka La editor This article was published in the Ka La's April/May 2014 printed edition. He was disowned by his parents in the 90s, became a professional hairdresser in the 2000s, and found peace, love, and direction... Continue Reading →

Midday Dusk Trot #Poetry

By Jacob Daniel Perri, Eng. 201  His feet strike the cool, moist pavement in the frosty, autmn air. The runner is winning the race to keep the lead. There's not a sound but his exhalation that forms clouds of white,... Continue Reading →

Honolulu CC’s Construction Academy to name new Gundam Champion

Summer exploration program celebrates 84 high school students UH News Release link Contact: Billie K T Lueder, (808) 845-9187 Communications & External Affairs, Chancellor's Office (Honolulu) - A new Gundam Champion will be named for their exceptional craftsmanship and creativity at a... Continue Reading →

{Ohana Love} Welcome Thomas DeCosta

We are very pleased to announce Thomas DeCosta has been recently hired as our new Construction Academy instructor. Thomas has extensive industry experience as a carpenter and has been actively involved with Roosevelt High School's Industrial Career Pathways program. He can be reached at or (808)... Continue Reading →

{Ohana Love} Welcome Janina Martin

Please welcome Janina "Nina" Martin to Honolulu Community College.  Nina started on September 9, 2013 as an Early Childhood Education Instructor and the Keiki Hau'oli Children's Center Site coordinator. She recently worked at the Center of the Family at U.H.... Continue Reading →

KA LA NEWS: First graduation, then a first for the military

By Jonah Carino Ka La staff writer  This article was published in the Ka La's April/May 2014 printed edition.   “Cadet Ferdinand Bermudez reporting for duty, sir.” Fingers fly and a woman shouts. Bermudez stands at attention. “At ease,” the sergeant... Continue Reading →

Living in a silent world (Non-Fiction)

By Jonah Carino Ka La staff writer I was in a dingy dark classroom that looked like an old toaster. I can see it like a photo in my mind. There was an abrupt yelling: “You are a failure! You... Continue Reading →

KA LA NEWS: From Kansas to Finland to Honolulu CC

By Edlynne Harrell-Sanchez Ka La staff writer This article was published in the Ka La's April/May 2014 printed edition. April Ching likes to help people. Maybe that’s why she is such a good teacher. Ching, who grew up in Kansas and... Continue Reading →

Best of Honolulu CC 2014: Shattered Glass #StudentFiction

    By Kristine Bautista, Eng. 201     The moon was full, and the neighborhood street was foggy. She’s coming for us, isn’t she?” cried my nephew. I nodded my head with terror in my eyes, and my skin... Continue Reading →

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