The Change of Thought #NonFiction

by Jiren Cao, ESL 23  One day I learned an important lesson from a mistake that I made in my English class at Honolulu Community College. I should be not negligent about my life. It all began with a homework... Continue Reading →

A Small Market in the Vietnamese Countryside #NonFiction

By Mina Nguyen, ESL 3  When I travel to my homeland, Viet Nam, one of my favorite things to do is to walk to an open market. I am always interested about country life and especially about countryside markets. There was... Continue Reading →

Midday Dusk Trot #Poetry

By Jacob Daniel Perri, Eng. 201  His feet strike the cool, moist pavement in the frosty, autmn air. The runner is winning the race to keep the lead. There's not a sound but his exhalation that forms clouds of white,... Continue Reading →

Best of Honolulu CC 2014: A place to go back to, Eng 201#StudentFiction

    By Garret Lang The stars come out, but they are not the stars I know The wind blows, but this is not the wind I know. The stars I know shine brighter in the dark The wind I... Continue Reading →

April is National Poetry Month

April is not only the coolest (formerly “cruelest”) month, it is also National Poetry Month.  As always, I encourage you and your students to participate in some of my poetry events, and here are some of your opportunities for hearing a... Continue Reading →

The Great King David

Poem by HonoluluCC's Creative Writing student David Anthony Dunlap King David conquered the giant Goliath although people tried to talk him out of it. David graduated high school and enrolled in college even though his grades were average. Kind David was... Continue Reading →

I am Kimo and James

Poetry by HonoluluCC's Creative Writing class Kimo Wilcox There is an instant shift as a man wakes up in the dark. James takes over the body, and Kimo grumbles quietly in the back of the mind. James sits up as... Continue Reading →

Can Japanese Lit be better than British Lit?

Fall 2013 Class Suggestion: Japanese Literature in Translation* (ENG 272/EALL 272) Tired of seeing the same British and American Literature classes offered in all the Universities? Why not try Japanese Literature? Students will be surprised that Japanese Literature offers tragic... Continue Reading →

Memory of My Father

HonoluluCC student, Max Kanahele's creative writing poetry about his father.

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