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Having a Merry and Green Holiday Season

It is officially the holiday season and with it comes the task of finding gifts for the special people in your life. The gift giving season does not mean that you have to abandon your efforts of being more environmentally... Continue Reading →


Sustainability Through Outdoor Exploration

One of the best ways to reaffirm your commitment to sustainability of natural resources is getting out into nature. To help you “get outdoors” we have compiled a list of places on Oʻahu that will help you reconnect with the... Continue Reading →

Being a Green Consumer

A part of becoming a sustainably smart consumer is identifying/recognizing greenwashing, the false promotion of a government, company or group’s environmental initiatives.[1] Their actions work in the opposite of what they are promoting. It is not uncommon for advertisers to... Continue Reading →

Reducing Your Food Waste

One of the biggest things about the Holiday Season is the FOOD! No matter how hard we try we are never able to eat everything that is prepared. A 2016 University of Hawaiʻi/Department of Agriculture study estimated that residents wasted... Continue Reading →

Having a Green Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time for you to put your sustainability practices to the test! It is the perfect holiday to be creative & reduce, reuse & repurpose! Here are some sustainably smart ideas to help you have a Green... Continue Reading →

Taking Steps to Sustainability

To celebrate Global Climate Change Week (October 9 – October 15) HonCC offered students, faculty & staff a variety of sustainability learning activities.   Dr. John Delay from HonCCʻs Geography department shared what he experienced during his study of Hawaiʻi's hydrologic... Continue Reading →

After You Upgrade: The Next Steps

According to a survey released by the Pew Research Center most of American households have electronic devices that allow them to be “plugged in:” Approximately 90% of American households contain at least one electronic device (smartphone, desktop/laptop computer, tablet or... Continue Reading →

Donate & Buy Used Items

For the past few weeks we have been sharing with you tips on how you can reduce waste (i.e., canceling junk mail, turning off the water when you brush your teeth, etc.). Another environmentally  responsible, sound practice that will help... Continue Reading →

Measuring HonCC’s Path Towards Sustainability

Have you ever wondered: How much electricity HonCC is using? How many carbon emissions are being offset by solar power generation? How much rainfall HonCC is getting? What the current wind speed is? HonCC has online resources that allow you... Continue Reading →

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