Each semester Hoʻāla Hou, a Title III funded program, offers a series of cultural workhsops entitled Maliʻukaʻai each semester. Primarily lead by students under the guidance of faculty, staff, and community members, the workshops infuses the Hawaiian culture, traditions and values in teaching, learning and service. This semester’s workshops focus around lawaiʻa, traditional and modern fishing practices.

The third workshop in the series, which was held on October 19th, focused on cleaning and preparing fish for consumption. In addition to learning how to clean fish, as well as preparation  techniques that they can use in their own kitchen including poke, dried, baked, or fried fish.


The fourth workshop was held on October 30th and focused on making local condiments that can be used to season fish or other savory foods. The two seasonings highlighted were inamona (a relish made from kukui nut) and wai nīoi (chili pepper water).

The final workshop in the lawaiʻa series will be on November 13th. Master carver and lua (Hawaiian martial arts), ʻUmi Kai, will talk about traditional fishhooks, showcase traditional lua implements, and share the process that goes into creating them. The workshop will be held in the Hawaiian Center, and is FREE and open to all HonCC students, staff and employees. Interested members of our community are also welcomed to attend.

More pictures can be viewed in the workshop’s Flickr album.