Source: Halloween Decorations Made with Recycled Materials

Last year we shared some ideas on Having a Green Halloween. Here are more tips to further support your green efforts!

Shopping for Halloween costumes can be time consuming and expensive. One of the most fun, entertaining, creative and affordable ways to dress up for Halloween is to make your own costume!

As we mentioned last year, more than 80% of unwanted clothes in the United States went into a landfill or an incinerator in 2013.

Source: 40 Super Cute Family Halloween Costumes

You can positively impact this number combining what you already have in your closet or purchase affordable pieces that you can use after the holiday from thrift stores.

Making a homemade costume can be a family project. You can create couple costumes, group costumes and for the entire family.

In addition to dressing up as a popular movie character, there are quite a few “children’s literary character” outfits that even adults will love!

Here are some ideas on how you can turn a cardboard box into a costume! Imagine what a hit you would be dressed up as a can of SPAM or as a musubi!

If a costume requires the use of face paint, here is a list of cruelty-free, nontoxic products.

Other costume ideas are only a web search away! The only thing that limits your choices is your imagination.


When purchasing candy buy ones that have minimal or recycled packaging. Check labels to make sure that ingredients are sustainably sourced. When preparing treats and snacks for your party, purchase locally farmed and produced foods.


Source: How to Make a Simple Drawstring Bag

Re-purposing items you already have in your house into trick-or-treat bags can be a project that you do with your keiki.

Last year we suggest turning an old tank top or t-shirt into a trick-or-treat. This is a great idea because it can be used as a shopping tote year-round.

If you crochet you can make a reusable tote bag using plarn, yarn made from plastic bags.

Re-purpose Easter baskets by painting them orange & then stringing black ribbon between the wicker and around the handle. Easter buckets can be painted orange and then bats, spiders or a Jack-o-lantern face can be painted on it.

Using a pillowcase to haul your candy home is a pretty neat trick if you are in a time crunch. However, if you have a little time to invest, you can easily create a drawstring treat bag with minimal sewing and rope, string or braided remnant fabric.


Here are five ways you can re-purpose/up-cycle things around your house to decorate your Halloween party.


Source: DIY Milk Jug Ghosts


While 2 liter soda bottles can be turned into Jack-o-lanterns with a little bit of paint and cutting, milk jugs can be turned into ghost luminaries by drawing a face with permanent marker, cutting a hole and inserting a string of Christmas lights or battery operated tea lights.

Source: 35 Spooktacular Ways to Use Mason Jars This Halloween

Your child’s old dress up dolls can be used to create a miniature zombie display.

Glass jars can be used to create a multitude of decorations for your Halloween party, including mummy luminaries, “ghost globes,” or candy corn decor.

Halloween walkway lanterns or hanging bats/spiders/ghosts can be created using plastic snack cups.

When you reuse and re-purpose items you already have in your you are not only celebrating a greener Halloween, you are keeping more green in your wallet. And THAT is a pretty great treat!