Emily Kukulies, an associate professor, and Director of Student Life and Development at Honolulu Community College was awarded a Board of Regents’ Medal for Teaching Excellence.

The award is a tribute to faculty members who exhibit an extraordinary level of subject-level mastery and scholarship, teaching effectiveness, and creativity and personal values that benefit students.

Students praise Kukulies for providing the knowledge essential to prepare students for life during and after college as well as giving them a better chance at success in the future. They also say that she always encourages student growth and provides the opportunities for them to do so.

She encourages students to enjoy the journey while at college, and they say that makes it easier to stay in school. Kukulies provides the challenge and support they need to go beyond their perceived personal limitations and discover new things about themselves.


Kukulies is also commended for bringing the campus community together in fun, interactive and educational activities. Students describe her contributions as “an invaluable part of the campus that so many people rely on.” In addition to wearing many hats on campus, Kukulies takes on different roles in her students’ lives as a friend, sister, mother and mentor. She is the welcoming hand to hold and the encouraging push each student appreciates in their paths in college.

A student said, “From all the knowledge and skills I have obtained from Emily Kukulies, I know that I can rise further than any challenge life may bring.”


Source: UH News