While making a Motherʻs Day gift seems “childish,” DIY gifts are becoming more popular among adults thanks to the “green movement,” websites like Pinterest, and blogs that promote upcycling trash into treasures.

Motherʻs Day is the perfect time to creatively upcycle things that are no longer being used, or are affordably priced at thrift stores, into unique gifts for Mom.

Here are some theme ideas to spark your creativity.

Mamaʻs Mini Spa

Hello Glow

Everyone can benefit from a day of rest and relaxation, especially a mom who has a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.

You can give Mom some relaxing “me time” by providing her with the bliss that she craves, and deserves, without breaking your bank.

Give the giftof homemade bath salts. You can enhance the home spa experience by transforming bath towels into house slippers, a towel body wrap and/or a hair turban.

Take the Sting out of all that Bling

Organizing, keeping track of, and preventing jewelry from getting tangled can be a daunting task. You can help Mom keep everything in its place by making a jewelry organizer.

The Little Housie

Upcycling old picture frames is one of the easiest, and most versatile ways to make a jewelry organizer. Organizers can be made affordably by using any combination of chicken wire, eye hooks, cork board, or hanging wire.

You can help mom organize her bling by upcycling other household itemsincluding thread racks, plates and candle sticks, and cabinet holders.

Home Decor

Yarn can be easily made from t-shirts and then woven into a variety of home decor items including dream catchers, storage basketscoasters, a marame wall hanging, pillows, cushionsand throw blankets.

Frankie Magazine 

If you are interested in making a larger project, rugs can be made using several techniques including crocheting, sewing, or latch and hook.

One of the best things about t-shirt yarn projects is that they are machine washable, soft and comfortable since the fabric is worn down.

Making the Garden Grow

If mom likes to garden, there a a variety of ways you can upgrade household materials into garden supplies.

Playground Parkbench

Make mom garden markers using wooden spoons, or transform an old colander into a succulent planter or a hanging planter. T-shirt yarn can be woven into a macramae plant hanger. You can even create garden artfor mom by upcycling household items.




Help mom organize the fabrics in her sewing room by upcycling an old filing cabinetor make a fabric ladder using sides from an old crib. An old knife blockcan be repurposed to create a thread organizer. Finally, you can create charming sewing kits out of an old tea pot or mason jar.


If you enjoy sewing, use some of scrap fabric, to create a throw blanketor pillow that can be done with a sewing machine, or with hand stitching.

For The Teacher

If mom is a teacher she is always looking for ways to organize her classroom or make it a more fun learning environment.


You can help get her classroom organized by making her a desk top office supply holderor a framed corkboard.

Old jeans can be repurposed into denim storage containers, while the pockets can be repurposed into a craft organizeror a hanging organizerthat can hold id cards, classroom job cards or cards from books that students are borrowing from the classroom library.

Creative seating solutions created for momʻs classroom by using storage crates, 5 gallon buckets, or a bookshelf turned on its side.

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Upcycled Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

These are just a few of the things that can be found around the house, or in a thrift store, that can easily and affordable be upcycled into a special Motherʻs Day gift that mom will always treasure.

Motherʻs Day is Sunday, May 13th.