Members of the HART Team were invited guests of Honolulu Community College recently to address students in a series aimed at exploring Hawaii’s energy future. Several speakers took part in the series hosted by HonCC Instructor Brenda Coston, all addressing the topic of sustainability. Construction Outreach Specialist Kashmira Reid made presentations to a pair of classes highlighting the role the Honolulu Rail Transit Project will play in helping our state reach its sustainability goals by 2045.

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Electric-powered rail technologies, like the Honolulu Rail Transit Project, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing an alternative to driving. On a national scale, transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions with 64% of these emissions coming from cars, trucks and SUVs. Rail transportation produces about 75% less in greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile than private automobiles. In addition to providing a clean energy alternative to driving, the Honolulu Rail Transit Project also will help preserve green spaces by facilitating focused development along the rail corridor and reducing carbon emissions related to transportation.

Source: HART WEEKLY eNEWS, April 2, 2018