The first day of Spring (and Spring Break) is a few weeks away! One of the ways we can welcome the season is with some “Spring Cleaning.”

Cleaning creates a more comfortable living and working space. Cleaning and decluttering renews your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle by reducing consumption of materials.

To support your efforts to lead a sustainable lifestyle here are a few cleaning and clearing strategies that will reduce your environmental footprint.


While giving your house and office a thorough cleaning can be relaxing and rewarding, it should be done with conscientious thought about the materials being used. Here are a few sites that will help you “spring” into cleaning!

Before you start cleaning, it’s good to determine what equipment you will need and devise a plan on how to attack the task. Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips for a Non-Toxic Home will provide you with a check list on all-natural household cleaners, ways to clean (i.e., organize as you go, making it fun, working from the top down), and how to keep your home and office tidy the other three seasons in the year.


Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Home, tips from the EPA,  contains recommendations on how you can make your home environment healthier, such as:

Giving your kitchen or bathroom a good scrubbing with chemicals that are safe and green. Look for products with Design for the Environment (DfE) label, which identifies products that have been screened carefully to ensure that they are produced with the safest ingredients possible.

When you make your own cleaning products you reduce indoor air pollution while controlling what is or is not used to clean your home an office. Eartheasy provides recipes for homemade cleaning products.



As you complete your Spring Cleaning, remember to do a good clearing as well! Periodically cycling out unwanted/unused items helps reduce the amount of cleaning and clearing you do year-round.

 8 Steps to Green Decluttering provides you with hints on how you can creatively reuse, recycle, repurpose or re-gift things that you no longer need, but are still in great shape.

For a step-by-step task clearing list in an eco-friendly manner check out How to Declutter the Eco-Friendly Way. From books to toys and even dishes, plates and glasses, you will find helpful tips on how you can cycle out items that you no longer need.


This Eco-Friendly Decluttering Checklist provides readers with suggestions on how to declutter specific places in your house (i.e., playroom, fridge, garage, etc.). If there is a place that needs space, this is the checklist for you!

Clearing out your closet can be a daunting task. The Ultimate Guide to Clearing Out Your Wardrobe For Good provides step-by-step instructions on how to downsize purposefully.

After you have cleared out and organized your wardrobe check out Sustainable Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for four ideas on what you can do with the clothes that no longer have a home in your closet.

Implementing and maintaining sustainable cleaning and clearing practices will not only help you with your Spring Cleaning, but help you stay tidy and organized year-round.