Honolulu Community College (HonCC) takes pride in providing its students with opportunities to learn about, and practice, sustainablity efforts.

We are also proud that our faculty and staff are infusing sustainability efforts in their coursework. HonCCʻs Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are proactively responding to workforce changes and regulations by integrating sustainability into their curriculum and instructional practices.

HonCCʻs Fire and Emergency Response (FIRE)  is one program which provides academic paths for in-service professionals and related fire service fields.


Combustion products and contaminants that result from firefighting and disposal of fire damaged materials have a negative impact on the environment. To address these issues  sustainability has become an important component in fire safety, prevention and firefighting.

Growing sustainability efforts have increased engagement between fire safety professionals and advocates of sustainability measures and regulations.This has led to a change in how firefighter professionals are being trained.

Todayʻs curriculum includes preparing firefighters to respond to how products produced to address sustainability issues burn. New materials being used in the design and construction of green buildings impact the way fire behaves, influencing the physical effects of firefighting and creating new combustion byproducts. Likewise, firefighters need to be trained in fighting different automobile fires as a result of the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles.


The HonCC FIRE program is training its students to respond to sustainability-based changes in their field by demonstrating and modeling a sustainability ethos in their instructional methods. In an effort to reduce the threat of groundwater contamination, the program has changed the way it trains its students. The program now conducts live training at a new location which eliminates the risk of groundwater contamination and makes recovery and reuse of water and firefighting foam a reality.

HonCCʻs FIRE program teaches 21st century professional skills that models environmentally responsible practices.