In August 2015 Diesel Professor Bobby Salvatierra, along with his students and colleagues, started a garden that is now flourishing and provides shade for the Diesel faculty, staff, students and their visitors.


IMG_1332The Diesel Program’s garden has slowed evaporation from the soil and is currently growing sugar cane, bananas, papaya, avocado, red dragon fruit, and crown flowers.

The sugar cane has produced 16 keiki (shoots) that were given out to members of the program’s advisory committee. The banana trees will most likely produce fruit before May’s commencement ceremonies. The crown flowers are not only attracting monarch butterflies but are producing enough blooms for lei making. The students and faculty have even harvested papayas!

The avocado tree is still young. It will probably take a few years before produces fruit, but the Diesel Program assures us that patience will pay off!

A catchment system for collecting rainwater was created and has led to the collection of over 1,000 gallons of rainwater used to care for the plants.

Individuals interested in learning more about this garden project may contact Diesel Instructor Bobby Salvatierra at