Halloween is the perfect time for you to put your sustainability practices to the test! It is the perfect holiday to be creative & reduce, reuse & repurpose!

Here are some sustainably smart ideas to help you have a Green Halloween – ways to create a festive trick or treat environment by recycling waste products, and creating decorations that can be reused.

Five Fantastically Fun Décor Ideas:

  1. Reuse your decorations from previous years. If you do not have any, remember to save the ones you make/use this year so you have a supply for future years.c0d090e3e8ae63c5787412855ffdb539.jpg
  2. Glue packing peanuts together so they look like worms. Place them around your food to make it “delectably disgusting!”
  3. Decorate the outside of your house with tombstones made out of old cardboard boxes.
  4. Tack down netted produce bags or old stockings with runs in them to create spider webs.
  5. Make your own candy dish by:
  • Decorating a plastic bowl or box with cutouts.
  • Covering a bowl with gauze to create a vessel that even a “mummy” would love.
  • Repurpose an Easter basket covering it with Halloween themed items & colors.

Be Picky About Pumpkins

  • Buy locally grown pumpkins.
  • In lieu of carving a jack-o-lantern, do some “face painting!” Use markers to draw jack-o-lantern faces on pumpkins. Little jack-o-lanterns can be created using clementines or tangerines. clementine-jack-o-lanterns.jpg
  • Once the holiday is over use the pumpkin to create fall treats.
  • If you do carve a jack-o-lantern, don’t throw away the seeds. Make roasted pumpkin seeds, a fall time favorite.
  • Light your jack-o-lantern with beeswax candles, not soy or paraffin-based ones.


“Rags” to Halloween Riches!

In 2013 more than 80% of unwanted clothes in the United States went into a landfill or an incinerator. In fact, the textile & apparel industry accounts for 10% of the world’s entire carbon impact.

You can positively impact these numbers combining what is already in your closet to create a costume. You can use a pair of overalls to become a scarecrow,  a “despicable minion,” a farmer, or an Italian plumber who rescues a princess!

If your wardrobe is sparse take a trip to the thrift store to see if there is apparel that you can combine to make a custom costume!

If you need inspiration & ideas there a lot of creative DIYʻs on the web. Just let your fingers do the searching! Here are some ideas to get you started!

How to Hold Your Haul

no-sew-t-shirt-bag-tutorial-41.jpgYou can easily create a bag to hold your candy “haul” by decorating an old pillowcase or turning an old t-shirt into a tote bag.

Buy Eco-Friendly Treats

Look for goodies with minimal packaging and/or those made packaged in recycled materials. Look for fairtrade candy & check labels to see that chocolate and sugar are from sustainable sources.

Green Halloween helps you enjoy the fall festivities on a budget & practice sustainability.

When the festivities are done remember to store these items with your other re-useable Halloween decorations.