Honolulu Community College offers many services to all levels of prospective students. We mentioned in a previous post that our Outreach office (71D, Rm. 1) has been proactively providing group and individual campus visits. Last school year 2016-2017, the Outreach office provided 56 on-campus tours for various elementary, intermediate, and high schools across the state of Hawaii.

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In addition to their local school tours, the Outreach office provides tours for international universities and colleges. One of the international campus visits included students from Niigata University from Japan who were interested our Early Childhood Education and Cosmetology programs. The office also gave the Okinawa Jr. Women’s College a tour of our MELE, Fashion, and Early Childhood Education programs.

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We are already halfway through the Fall 2017 semester and there is still time to request a campus tour with our Outreach office. If you know anyone or an organization interested in visiting Honolulu Community College, have them use this link HERE.

Somethings to know about scheduling campus tours:

  • Fridays are normally best for groups of 30+
  • Give at minimum 3 weeks notice
  • Please rank the programs you wish to visit. 1 is your first choice, second, etc.
  • We request that one (1) advisor/chaperone be available per fifteen (15) students in attendance.
  • Not all programs are located on campus. If you would like to visit an off-campus site, we can work with you to make arrangements.
  • Return your completed form by email with the title Campus Tour Request for (Insert School/Organization)or scan and e-mail to hccreach@hawaii.edu.

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Stay tuned to learn more about the Outreach Office’s other services and activities!