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Have you ever wondered:

  • How much electricity HonCC is using?
  • How many carbon emissions are being offset by solar power generation?
  • How much rainfall HonCC is getting?
  • What the current wind speed is?

HonCC has online resources that allow you to see current measurements of campus energy consumption/generation & weather patterns.

These statistics can assist you in tracking how HonCC is doing as we work towards decreasing our carbon footprint, making #HonCCsustainability a reality.

You may also use this information in your classes for a project or an assignment.

Here are the online resources that will give you an inside look into HonCC’s consumption & reduction is going.

Solar Arrays at HonCC in addition to seeing how much power is generated over a period of time, visitors can also learn how solar power works. There are two arrays feeding live data.

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Johnson Control Building Management Portal  displays information HonCC’s electricity usage & CO2 emissions across the entire wide. This portal also breaks down information for some of the buildings on campus.

The Niuhelewai Meteorological Station is a meteorological station that is a part of the multi-campus PAGE grant, Hālau Ola Honua (Our living world, living laboratory), housed at ‘Ike Wai Ka Mala o Niuhelewai on campus.

In addition to providing you with access to near real time data, visitors will be able to track past measures of rainfall, wind speed/direction, soil moisture & barometric pressure.

We encourage you to use these resources to help HonCC reach its goal of being a sustainable/green campus.