Every year more approximately 100 million trees are used to produce approximately 5.6 million tons of junk mail each year in the U.S. alone[1].


The production, distribution and disposal of junk mail in the U.S. creates over 51 million metric tons of greenhouses gases annually, equivalent to the emissions of more than 9.3 million[2] cars or heating 13 million homes in the winter[3].

In just a few minutes, you can reduce the amount of junk mail you receive AND protect our environment.

Stop receiving unwanted catalogs by using the FREE service, Catalog Choice. Simply IMG_0014register your information and the names of unwanted catalogs.

You can stop receiving pre-approved’ credit card offers by using the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry ‘opt out’ process.

Add your name to the National Do Not Mail list. Businesses use it to eliminate names of unreceptive consumers to reduce their costs.

For more tips visit Ecopono and NYU Law’s junk mail website.

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