Welcome Students!


On behalf of Honolulu Community College, we wish you a successful Fall semester!

We are happy you’re a part of the Honolulu Community College ʻOhana.  We look forward to providing you with the opportunity to learn and participate in the many programs that are offered on campus. 

Please remember to pay close attention to important dates, deadlines, and reminders found in the Fall 2017 Registration Guide. 

As a reminder, students are expected to be responsible in their relationships with others, and to respect the special interests of our campus.  Your can refer to the Student Code of Conduct at any time.

We would also like to remind you of your rights and responsibilities as a student. It is important to familiarize yourself with our policies regarding Title IX, a federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination and that protects individuals from all forms of sex/gender based harassment, discrimination, and misconduct.  

Additionally, Title IX Resource Guidebooks are available on the website and in designated locations on campus such as the Library, Cafeteria, Wellness Center, and Business Office.


We also have support services available to assist you achieve your goals.

We are grateful that you chose Honolulu Community College, and encourage you to stay involved as you work toward your academic goals.

Wishing you a successful semester!