Honolulu CC’s Alumni Profile Project, launched in the spring 2016 semester, was so successful that 10 alumni have committed to participate this 2017 sprihonolulu-alumni-profiles.jpgng semester. A desire to showcase the success of the college’s alumni, and a need for interesting, engaging projects for Journalism 205 news writing students, is a terrific fit: for their final assignment, students write profile stories of Honolulu CC graduates after being thoroughly briefed on this writing style. Students, grouped in pairs, contact their subjects, conduct in-person interviews, and draft their stories. After consultation with their instructor, they gather more information and redraft their work until it’s ready for publication on the UH Alumni web page, on Honolulu CC’s blog The Water Cooler, in the student newspaper Ka Lā, and on the student media board’s website at thekala.net.

This project helps students become more confident and aware of themselves as writers and students. Alumni enjoy reconnecting with the college and interacting with the students. By sharing their stories, alumni encourage students to persevere, to dream big and to value their own journeys.

Photo caption from left: Robert Silva (alumnus), Professor Mike Leidemann and Kurt Kendro (alumnus).