The Honolulu CC Office of Policy Planning and Institutional Research (PPIR) have recently produced a couple of Data Research Briefs. The first is our Fall 2015 enrollment date and the second is regarding student transfers.

The Office of PPIR will continue to develop data research briefs that our campus community can easily access on their webpage. Mahalo to the PPIR department for organizing these briefs.  Here are some highlights.

Fall 2015 Enrollment Report

Data extracted from ODS after the Fall 2015 Census Freeze.

Data displays the following information

Part I

  • Total enrollment
  • Enrollment by Gender, Ethnicity, and Age
  • Student Type (Continuing, Full-Time, Transfer, Returning)
  • Home Institution
  • Majors
  • Status (part time/full time/Citizenship/Residency)
  • SSH

Part II – Native Hawaiian Students with same data sets as above

Fall 2015 UH Manoa Majors of HonCC Transfers from 2014-2015 Academic Year.

Data extracted from ODS after the three census freeze dates in Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Of the total 4,403 students that were enrolled at HonCC in academic year 2015, 125 students transferred from HonCC to UH Manoa (enrolled in Fall 2015 at UH Manoa).  The 125 students from HonCC transferred into a total of 51 different majors at UH Manoa.

For more information or questions, please contact the PPIR office at 808-845-9118 or