Honolulu’s Sheetmetal & Plastics Program got a surprise call a few weeks ago from a local ukulele band, Motley Uke, who learned about the program through a fan who happens to be a sheetmetal alum.  On January 19, 2016 members of the band visited the campus to deliver a $500 donation.  The band members also presented Aiu with a band t-shirt!  In return Aiu gifted them with a few coveted copper and sheetmetal roses.

Sheetmetal Instructor Danny Aiu with Motley Uke member Jeff Clark.

“We really like metal. We love metal. We’re metalheads! Depending on sources, techniques and talent, metal can be strong, heavy, resilient, durable, either blunt or sharp, and awesome in every way. But that’s just a metaphor for our musical genre — the students in HonCC’s Sheetmetal Program work with real metal, metal that can be all of those things and more. (Of course, they also acquire readily marketable skills.)  So we’re proud to provide our support. Clang!” shares Jeff Clark of Motley Uke.

Mahalo Motley Uke for your support!  The funds donated will allow the program to purchase supplies and equipment to benefit students.  Check them out at motleyuke.com