Congratulations to Construction Management (CMGT) student Lee Ann Miranda who recently received a scholarship from the Honolulu Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction.  We got to talk with Lee Ann to find out about her studies and future plans.


HonCC: Why did you decide to pursue a degree in CMGT?

Lee Ann: I’ve been with the industry for the last 13 years as Project Administrator/Coordinator and have really enjoyed it.  A year ago, I had an employer that gave me the chance to actually work with the field managing small projects.  He taught me so much and trusted that I could actually understand a project and manage it. Not too long after that, a friend of mind shared that there was a Construction Management program at Honolulu Community College and that they were looking for women because there hadn’t been too many applying.  I figured, why not? My adult children were on their way and they along with myself thought, “It’s my turn”.  A little late in life, but at this point, who cares. I know I didn’t and I welcomed the challenge.  So here I am today, continuously challenging myself daily.


HonCC: What do you hope to do in the future once you graduate?

Lee Ann: I would really like to gain additional experience in my field of choice and one day manage projects and work from little ones to maybe larger ones.  We won’t be specific at the moment because I can only handle a little commitment at a time and right now, managing school and retaining my education is a huge commitment.  I still believe in old school, “Be patient, I’ll get there”.


HonCC: How do you feel about receiving the award?

Lee Ann: Ecstatic! It’s always gratifying when others support your intentions and goals.  Rewards like these validates that I’m on the right path going in the right direction!


HonCC: Is there anything else you wish to share?

Lee Ann: Mr. Takeya has done so much with the CMGT program in such a short amount of time.  Because of his continuous efforts, graduates from the program have been placed with many high profiled quality construction employers.  There are so many opportunities for CMGT graduates but we don’t have enough students to suffice the continuous request to fill employment positions.  In fact, a lot of our students are being placed before they even graduate.  That says a lot for Mr. Takeya’s dedication towards the program not to mention the many construction scholarships available to students of this program.  “Way to GO Mr. T!”

NAWC representative, Evelyn Toyama presents Lee Ann her scholarship check along with CMGT instructor Norman Takeya and Chancellor Lacro.