Aloha Honolulu CC ‘Ohana!  We hope that you are staying as dry as possible during all of this rain.

Hawaiian Studies Kumu, Mark S. Alapaki Luke, shared some insight into why the rains have affected our campus & community the way it has:

“Niuhelewai had loʻi, wetland taro patches, 45 within the boundaries of Honolulu CC according to the Land Commission Awards in the 1800s. The area around was Kūwili loko iʻa (fishpond) before. It (this area) was always a wetland and was only recently back filled starting in the 1900s. Today Alakawa is closed in front of Costco because of 8 inches deep of water. It is hard to drain waters from a previous wetland even with the dredging of Kapālama Canal.”

A little bit of history & insight into what is today’s Honolulu Community College!

Ka Mala ‘O Niuhelewai on September 3, 2015.