Two Hawai’i Red Cross volunteers deployed to Rota to help with the Red Cross response for Typhoon Dolphin.  Padraic Gallagher, Kaua’i IMG_1850
County Director, and Honolulu Community College Associate Professor and Director of Student Life and Development, Emily Kukulies. Both Gallagher and Kukulies served as caseworkers and met with the families whose homes were directly impacted by the storm. They issued people relief items as needed to make their homes habitable such as tarps and clean up kits.  Kukulies is a member of Red Cross’s disaster action team that is on call 24/7.

Two Hawaii volunteers were previously deployed to Guam for this response; this brings the total of Hawai’i Red Cross volunteers deployed to 4.  In Guam, Saipan and Rota, there were 128 homes affected by Tropical Storm Dolphin; of this, 9 were destroyed and 34 had major damage.