If you have ever traveled along Dillingham towards Kokea Street you might have noticed four American flags that fly 24/7 over Building 4B.  Over the past few weeks I noticed some of the flags were weathered and then recently replaced.  Those flags have always been a mystery to me, and I have always wanted to find out who is responsible for the red, white and blue. Thank you Guy Shibayama for sharing your story and being the caretaker of these flags.  The grand old flag shines brightly over our campus, and serves as a visual reminder of the many service men and women who dedicate their lives for our freedom daily.  Here is Guy’s story.  Aloha, Billie

It saddened me to see the World Trade Center towers burning and people choosing to jump to their deaths instead of burning. My daughter was in the Neuburger & Berman Tower at 2nd Ave and 42nd Street. You know how they ask you not to tie up the phone lines, but I had to call because she did business with the Cantor Fitzgerald company located in one of the towers. She lost many associates that day and got really depressed. I don’t know if it cheered her up, but I had a 12mm engraved Hawaiian bracelet with diamonds bordering her name made and sent it to her.  
It was after that 9-11 World Trade Center tragedy when everyone got patriotic and flags were difficult to obtain that I decided to join the bandwagon. I asked apprenticeship coordinator, Wilfred Arakaki, for permission to fly flags. Being a sheet metal worker, I fabricated the brackets and the poles. According to protocol, the flags can be flown 24 hours if there are lights directed at the flags. I asked the electrician coordinator, Ricky Almodova, for help and he had one of his instructors, Robert Aquino, install those little spot lights that are supposed to light up the flags. Somehow, the electrical circuit has been cut off, and those little spot lights no longer work, but the campus lamps provide enough illumination.
Yes, it is my responsibility and sometimes I neglect to check on the condition of the flags and the college receives complaints. Last week, I put new flags up just in time for Memorial Day. It wasn’t planned but worked out that way. Good to know that those flags give you a sense of pride, and thanks for saying that.”