On Saturday, February 28th, 16 Fire Science students performed vehicle extrication training in preparation for skills testing as part of their certification for Firefighter-II coursework. The students received instruction in the maintenance of electrical generators and lighting equipment, various types of and uses of rescue tools, the firefighter’s role during vehicle extrication and rescue, plus safety considerations.


The skills portion of the training involved sizing up the accident scene upon arrival, preventing horizontal movement of a vehicle using wheel chocks, stabilizing the vehicle, removing windshields and tempered glass side windows, removing the roof and dashboard to gain access to and free trapped accident victims.

“The students enjoyed the opportunity to physically utilize coursework information gained via online, videos, and in classroom lectures especially in the breaking of windows, hammering with axes, and tearing of metal,” shares Honolulu CC FIRE Instructor, Richard Rhode. “This simulation is a valuable experience for these aspiring firefighters.”

“We are grateful for our partnership with the college’s Automotive Technology program who donated the automobiles and parking lot so the training could be completed to National Fire Protection Association standards.”

The Fire and Environmental Emergency Response Program is designed to prepare students academically for the Fire Service Field, i.e., insurance adjuster, investigator, and safety and building inspector.  Honolulu Community College is the only college level FIRE training program on O‘ahu.

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