Honolulu Community College received a $2 million U.S. Department of Education Title III Program Grant for renovations to support Native Hawaiian programs on campus.


Re-Imagining Native Hawaiian Student Services is a two-year renovation project that will bring Hūlili Ke Kukui, our Native Hawaiian Center, to the piko (center) of campus along with key student services to create a student focused services center,” explains Katy Ho, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs for Honolulu Community College.


Through the renovation of a current classroom building, Honolulu Community College will be able to relocate Hūlili Ke Kukui, to the center of campus to expand it program capacity. In addition to moving to the center of campus, the rest of the Kūlana Hawai‘i (Division of Hawaiian Programs) will re-locate in order to retain a comprehensive structure of student and instructional support. Kūlana Hawai‘i includes the following areas: Nā Papa Hawai‘i (disciplines of Hawaiian Studies and ‘Ōlelo – Hawaiian language), Hūlili Ke Kukui’s computer lab, and Po‘i Na Nalu (a program focused on providing support for Native Hawaiians in STEM and other career and technical programs).


The current classroom building is the future site of a comprehensive student services complex. In the first phase of the renovation two key student services, Financial Aid and Academic Counseling will move and be co-located with the programs of Kūlana Hawai‘i in order to provide a seamless web of support for students.


“The co-location of these critical services and instructional programs will allow the college to maximize critical functions that support students success. Students will be able to move seamlessly through academic advising, registration and financial aid, while getting the cultural and academic support they need,” shares Ho.

Read the UH System news release.