Students selected in drawing as part of 15 to Finish UH Bookstores Promotion

Contact: Jodi Leong, (808) 492-0597 Dir of Communications, External Affairs and University Relations

Nineteen students from University of Hawai‘i campuses across the state received all of their textbooks for free this semester as part of the 15 to Finish UH Bookstores Promotion, which encourages incoming freshmen to take 15 or more credits per semester to graduate on time.

All freshmen who earned at least 30 credits last academic year and were in good standing (with a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA by May 30, 2014) were eligible for a drawing to win free textbooks for the Fall 2014 semester.  Winning students were randomly selected across the university’s ten-campus system.

Mitchell Moses, 19, saved $720 in textbook costs this semester. The architecture major was among four UH Mānoa students to win free textbooks this semester.

“I was stoked, I was excited.  I knew my books was going to cost a lot so I knew I was going to save a lot of money,” Moses said.

UH Mānoa civil engineering student Rachel Blaire saved $550 in textbook costs.

“It was pretty exciting.  I was really happy to find out my textbooks were paid for because this semester is supposed to be pretty hard with calculus and the start of all of my engineering classes,” Blaire said.

The UH Bookstore selected 19 winners from more than 1,300 eligible students and will continue this successful promotion. Incoming freshmen completing 30 credits or more this 2014-15 academic year will be eligible for next year’s drawing for free textbooks.

“We have found that students who earn 30 credits or more per year are more likely to graduate and graduate on time (four years for a bachelor’s degree and two years for an associate degree), earn better grades, continue to the next semester, and complete more of their courses,” said Joanne Itano, Interim Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. “We appreciate the UH Bookstores’ willingness to partner with us and promote 15 to Finish.”

UH Bookstores Director, Tricia Ejima added, “We’re happy to support the UH System with its 15 to Finish campaign by rewarding students with free textbooks. We take pride in providing our students with everything they need for college, and this was just one more way for us to give back.”

The 15 to Finish campaign is part of the Hawai‘i Graduation Initiative, a systemwide initiative to increase the number of UH graduates by 25 percent by the year 2015. For more information about the promotion go to the 15 to Finish website at