By Song Hye Han, Ka La staff writer

I was rather excited to read recently that there was a Vietnamese restaurant right across from campus. I had seen the reviews of Mixed Plate Café in Ka La and on Yelp, and thought it could be just the place to satisfy a pho craving.


The waitress took forever to bring me a menu, and the sad part was that there were maybe like three other patrons there at the time, all of whom had their meals already. I sat there and tried to pass the time by studying.

After maybe 5-8 minutes, the waitress came over and dropped off a menu. No greeting, no eye contact, just slapped the menu on the table and dug out.

She was a young girl, so I tried to cut her some slack, but there was really no excuse considering it was slow. Another 5 minutes went by; I was waiting to order the same thing I get every time I go to a Vietnamese restaurant: Pho Tai, meat outside.

The waitress made no effort to come over to me, so I had to flag her down by flailing my arms around like Wacky Inflatable Floating Arms Guy. She finally came over with a grimace, no greeting again, just a blank stare as I told her what I wanted.

I specifically asked for extra lemon, and when I got my garnish I had two slivers of lemon. I could have read a newspaper article through the lemon. Perhaps the lemons come from her paycheck? The food took forever to come out,which I thought was a good sign because if it’s taking forever… it must be good right? Wrong again.

The soup was lukewarm, yet the noodles were overcooked. There was barely any taste to the broth, and it was so cold it could barely cook my meat.

I understand that she was just one waitress in the whole restaurant, so I get that she could have been tired. But if you expect me to tip, I expect you to at least be a little nice to me.

I don’t understand how this place is rated as high as it is on Yelp. Honestly, if I’m going to pay more than $8 for a bowl of pho, it better be delicious and I better get good service.


HonoluluCC Ka La Staff

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