By Garret Lang

The stars come out, but they are not the stars I know

The wind blows, but this is not the wind I know.

The stars I know shine brighter in the dark

The wind I know is cooler on one’s skin.

Snow is soft and melts in my hands

River water cools and calms the body

Palm “trees” are not trees

Palm “trees” are an eyesore.

Pine trees are real trees. The twigs crunch

beneath my feet, under the evening sunset.

This place is not my home.

There’s a place I need to go back to.



Ka La News Staff 2014 SMB

  Best of Honolulu CC:

     Each year at graduation time, Ka La features the work of some of Honolulu Community College’s talented students. In this issue we share a few photographs, poems and essays by out students. They are just a tiny sampling of what Honolulu Community College is all about: diversity, friendship and moving forward through education.

Ka La is the student newspaper of Honolulu Community College. It is entirely student run and operated under the supervision of the school’s Student Media Board.  Its offices are located on the ground floor of Building 2, just around the corner from the book store.