By Kristine Bautista, Eng. 201



The moon was full, and the neighborhood street was foggy. She’s coming for us, isn’t she?” cried my nephew.

I nodded my head with terror in my eyes,
and my skin turned pale as a ghost. Indeed she was coming.

Bubbly, brown liquid spread across the kitchen floor along with broken glass of a cup.
The sound of cracking glass echoes throughout the house. My nephew and I were not alone.

White smoke creeps out of the slightly opened door
which we called “her chamber.” The sound of her footsteps grew louder and louder.
She’s coming. The doorknob turned right,
and the door of her chamber opened wide. My heart stopped beating.


Her bright red fingernails opened the door.
She was in a dark shadowed area when she slowly walked out of her chamber.
“What the hell is on the floor?” she roared at the top of her lungs. “Coca Cola,” my nephew replied while pointing his index finger at me. She stepped into the light, and I stared into her red, bloodshot eyes. My heart was pounding out of my chest.

She was five feet tall
Her long hair was as frizzy as tumbleweed.
Her eyelids were droopy while her big eyes were red. Her stomach was hanging out of her tiny white tank top.

She snatched the collar of my shirt,
And she lifted me up two feet high with my legs dangling in the air. She stared at me with a dead look on her face.
She whispered in my ear while I could smell her morning breath. “You’re gonna pay for that.”






Ka La News Staff 2014 SMB

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