By Brian Cheung

Ka La staff writer

This article was published in the Ka La’s April/May 2014 printed edition.


New students will no longer have to attend a physical, on-campus orientation with a group before starting their career at Honolulu CC. Instead, the administration will start an online orientation this year.

Michael Barros, the school’s director of secondary education, explained the plan to the student government on the open forum of ASUH meeting in April. “Orientation should not be a single tour,” Barros said. He said the reason that the administration stopped Passport to College is because they want to have a better service to new students. According to Barros, the newly accepted students will receive an orientation package via email.

NSO Honolulu CC

It requires students to go into an online program for college orientation. After they finish watching the online program, students will receive a phone call from a counselor and attend a physical campus trip. Barros said they know the “personal touch part” of the orientation is important. They will have more events such as iKea workshops to help students in campus life.


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