There is no surprise that with higher education equals better jobs and higher pay.  With Fall 2013 semester in full swing, the University of Hawai’i Community Colleges is making great effort to raise the graduation rates with the “Go Forward! Agree to Degree,” pledge campaign.

Go Forward! Agree to Degree

The “Go Forward! Agree to Degree,” pledge is to help bring awareness and encouragement to the students to go forward and to not stop until completion, whether that be graduating from a 2-year program or continuing on to a higher degree.

The student who signs the “Go Forward!” pledge makes an agreement, not only to the school, but to themselves, that he/she is committed to attend classes, good grades, check their UH email at least once a day, talk to instructors when having difficulty in the coursework, learn more about things that can help them be successful, meet with counselors when having academic or personal issues, and make education a priority in their life.

“Having students sign the pledge is only one half of what’s going on at the campuses,” said John Morton, UH vice president for community colleges. “Our goal is to raise awareness of all the student services and resources offered at the colleges to help them be successful in school.”

He added, “We wanted to make it easier for them to find the help they need and to utilize the free tutoring, careering counseling, academic advising, learning centers, computer labs and many other student support services.”

The pledge doesn’t stop at students, administrators, faculty, and staff is pledging too with their commitment to supporting the students by encouraging, mentoring, and nurturing them toward their college completion.

On Wednesday, September 4th at 11:15AM, during Honolulu Community College’s Welcome Week, we will be having an official signing ceremony involving our student leaders and administration team.   We are encouraging students to visit our “Go Forward! Agree to Degree,” booth to sign their pledge and grab free “Go Forward!” stickers and mood bracelets.  University of Hawai’i Community College System is giving away 2 iPads as an incentive.  Once the student signs his/her pledge, that student will be automatically entered into a drawing.  Winners will be announced via UH email, in keeping with the theme of the pledge to check it once a day.

**This article, as well as quotes, has been adapted from UH’s press release.