Digital Signage

By Jeffrey Kanemoto

Ka La staff writer

At the start of the semester, students might have noticed some bright new electronic notices around the campus.  Located in the high traffic areas of school, these announcements showing up on multimedia screens are the culmination of a three-year-long project to bring dynamic signage to the student body.

Student Life & Development Director Emily Kukulies originally proposed the idea of putting these electronic bulletin boards to keep students and other HonoluluCC community members updated on the latest news and happenings around campus.

The Student Media Board provided $60,000 from its student budget to bring this project to life. The material that appears on the five screens is programmed by the Student Media Board, and SMB adviser Mike Leidemann hopes that more students will bring items to be posted.

“The priority for what appears on our boards to anything to do with students and the larger HonoluluCC community,” Leidemann said. “We’d like to see more submissions from them, artwork, videos, you name it.” He added that there are plans to add more things, like surf reports, traffic updates, live TV and emergency announcements as the program grows.

“Hopefully one day we can even see outside promoters buying slots on the boards to advertise concerts or shows,” Leidemann said.

When told about the project, student Kimo Wilcox said “The idea’s pretty good, but haven’t looked at them personally myself. It’s nice to have them there.” Further projects being considered by the media board include podcasts, a literary magazine, and even an internet radio station.

According to Leidemann, the more successful the screens are, the more the Student Media Board can do for the college in the future.

Submissions for the boards can be sent to a new email, A PDF format is preferred.