Poem by HonoluluCC’s Creative Writing student David Anthony Dunlap

King David conquered the giant Goliath
although people tried to talk him out of it.
David graduated high school
and enrolled in college even though
his grades were average.

Kind David was the second and greatest
king of Israel. David was the second son
and the biggest baby weighing in at
10 lbs, 4 oz.

King David armed himself with
a slingshot and five smooth stones.
David exudes confidence and isn’t afraid to take charge and make decisions.

King David knew there would always be giants blocking the path, but he gathered
stones and went to battle
David is a leader who
appeals to everyone.

King David was told he was too small to slay Goliath but in the end, his faith
and perseverance led him to victory.
David considers the impact
his decisions will make on the people around him.

David means “beloved.”
He wakes up every morning
with a smile on his face knowing he is loved by many and named after a king.