Poetry by HonoluluCC’s Creative Writing class Kimo Wilcox

There is an instant shift as a man wakes up in the dark.
James takes over the body, and Kimo grumbles quietly in the back of the mind. James sits up as quietly as he can and swings his legs off the side of the bed. Kimo pushes against his mental barrier, but responsibilities come first.
James lightly cups his face in his hands trying to clear his head.
With a deep breath, James stands and makes for the bathroom.

Kimo is the name a woman whispers in the dark. And Kimo is who James wants to be.
James must get up and shower.
Kimo wishes to go back to bed.
James focuses on the task at hand.
Kimo and James wipe off the steam from the mirror, and both stare at a shared face.

James dresses quietly and quickly.
Kimo longs for the bed and the warmth a woman offers.
James looks at the time and curses before running to the car.
Kimo complains about traffic.
James focuses on the road and moves the visor to shade eyes from the sun. Kimo daydreams about nothing and laughs at an old joke.

James and Kimo park the car and stare at the grey building.
Kimo yearns for a doughnut offered at the front door.
James barely looks at the pastry and continues walking.
Kimo sits down and wants to lean back.
James leans forward instead and starts typing.
Kimo looks at the clock with disgust and how slow the minute hand moves. James shares the same look.
Kimo saves the documents, and James shuts the computer down.

James and Kimo get into the car and drive home.
Kimo and James make dinner and wait on the coach.
James lets Kimo take control and works quietly in the back of their mind.
Kimo laughs and eats dinner with the girlfriend.
James thinks about love.
Kimo makes love.
James and Kimo fall asleep, one holding a lover, the other thinking about tomorrow.