HonoluluCC Sheet Metal Roses

Once again, Honolulu Community College’s Forever Roses were a big Valentine’s Day hit on campus.

Students from the Sheet Metal and Plastics program made the roses and sold them out in a matter of hours on Valentine’s Day. A hundred people were waiting in line to buy one even before the doors opened at 9:30 a.m.

It all started about seven years ago when a Honolulu Community College student challenged Associate Professor Danny Aiu to make a sheet metal rose.  As a result HonoluluCC has a great fundraising plan which sells the roses on Valentine’s Day for the sheetmetal program.

Students in the program spent four challenging days creating this year’s “forever roses.” The roses were made of sheet metal and copper. “They won’t die in a few days, like real flowers,” said Keene Inafuku, a student. “The hardest part is to make it look like a flower,” said Inafuku. “Bending edges is the most tedious part.”

Copper Forever Rose
Copper Forever Rose

“I like working with my hands, it helps me design and fabricate,” said Josie Villaro, a sheet metal student who was making roses a day before they went on sale.  These sheet metal roses sold for $5 each. This year there were an estimated 350 roses. New this year were copper roses, which sold for $15.

***The Forever Roses will be available next year on Friday, February 14th, 2014.  Times and other details will be determined as Valentine’s Day comes rolling around.  Open to the public.

Tips on getting your rose:

  • Arrive early! This year, the public was lining up at 7AM.
  • Cash only.
  • Bring exact change

Journalism 205 students Misty Chiechi, Sohany Figueroa, Duke Komomua and Amanda Ricco contributed to this story.