Building 7 Construction

By Mathew Ursua

Ka La editor

Librarians are getting ready to pack up and go back to Building 7 after a semester of being relocated to a portable building in the gravel parking lot.  Librarian Nadine Leong-Kurio said in April that she peeked at the construction in Building 7. She liked the progress construction crews were making. “At first I was a little worried,” she said, “but now it really looks like it’s coming along.”

Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services Brian Furuto said that the library would be returning to its permanent location in Building 7 in the first two weeks of June.

The library, which has been located in a portable building, missing most of its books and computers for the entirety of the semester, is expected to reopen in the lobby and 2nd floor of Building 7 with all of its amenities for the 2013-14 academic year.

Some say having a fully stocked library will help them while others say they weren’t affected by the temporary relocation.  During the library’s semester- long relocation to portable building 7A, students who wanted to borrow books sometimes had to wait more than a week for them to be delivered from other libraries in the UH system or had to visit one of those libraries themselves.

“Some students have said it’s been difficult,” said Head Librarian Irene Mesina.  Mesina said that because the college’s reference and Hawaii Pacific collections contain books not found at other UH libraries, some were out of luck when it came to getting what they needed.  That’s because most of the library’s books are in storage now. They’ll come out before the library reopens in Building 7.

A local moving company is going to reshelve the books, “hopefully in the order they were taken off,” she said. The boxes are alphanumerically labeled to correspond with  labels on the new shelves.  Mesina said that once the mover put everything back, library staffers and assistants will have to do a check of the shelves to make sure everything is in the right place.

On May 10, the library will close at 3 p.m. as it has on Fridays since the start of the semester.  “The major changes in the library are a new air conditioning system, new energy efficient lights and newly painted walls,” Mesina said.

“I think the color of walls will be the first thing the students notice,” she said. “The first and second floors have their own color scheme. I won’t say what those colors are – I want the students to see for themselves when we reopen.”