Chancellor Erika Lacro


Welcome to the Water Cooler, Honolulu Community College’s new blog.  This blog will be updated regularly with news, events and information happening on our campus and in our community.  Our hope is that this blog will give you an insight about what makes Honolulu CC so special – a true gem in the heart of Honolulu.

As we end the spring semester we celebrate our students, the Class of 2013.  Graduation is a huge milestone, absolutely huge and an outstanding achievement to say the least.  This message is for you.

I am sure everyone has encountered challenges on this journey of earning your degree or certification.  Unfortunately or not, the one thing I can state for certain is that life is unpredictable.  I applaud you for tackling your academic and personal hurdles and persisting to this point in your career.  On behalf of the college, we are incredibly proud of your accomplishments.  I leave you with some parting words.

It is important to find and pursue your passion in whatever you do.

University of Manoa, Class of 2013: Chancellor Lacro earning her doctoral degree.
University of Manoa, Class of 2013: Chancellor Lacro earning her doctoral degree.

Don’t let others define who you are, that is for you to determine.

In order to do this you must be able to trust yourself and learn to be bold.

You have to be persistent and take initiative and not give up on your goals.

Life can become difficult and I guarantee you will find stumbling blocks but realize your don’t have to be perfect and learning to fail and accept failure is important.

Remember to work hard towards your goals, cherish your family and life to the fullest.

Best wishes,

Erika L. Lacro